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projects/A Singular Phenomenon
Malthouse Theatre
21 - 23 May
Merlyn Theatre, Malthouse Theatre

Like a massive game of 20 questions, A Singular Phenomenon will celebrate one of Australia's most loved and loathed cultural icons.
Part rave, part theatre restaurant, this work invites you to explore the inner world of a very particular song and the eccentric life of its creator, leading you into a communal meditation on appropriation, the cult of personality and the evolution of cultural stereotypes.

Unraveling through a series of unexpected clues and interactions, you are invited to take part in one of the countless iterations of an Australian hit that refuses to go away.
in-laboratory/Crawl Me Blood
Adelaide & Barbados
Fresh Milk
13 April-16 May
25 May-5 June
CRAWL ME BLOOD uses the sinister eden of the tropical garden and the gossip-ridden, music-blasting medium of live radio to explore the myths we make of paradise. A work in development by Halcyon Macleod and Willoh S. Weiland created during residencies at Fresh Milk Barbados and Vitalstatistix Adhocracy Program
projects/Fun Run
South Korea
2 May
Ansan Cultural Square
Tristan Meecham's Fun Run is heading to the Ansan Street Arts Festival in South Korea. Featuring 100 taekwondo masters, K-Pop cheerleaders, a skipping team, bodybuilders, sport/art celebs, a huge local flash mob, fireworks and MUCH, MUCH MORE!
Watch the flash mob dance and learn it yourself here.